Where Can I Buy DMT Vape In The United States

How long have you been selling vapes with DMT in them?

I made my first DMT vape four years ago, and I’ve been studying the DMT molecule for eight years, shop here.

What are people actually purchasing, then?

You purchase the battery, the cartridge, and a small case collectively. About 30 to 50 trips, or 100 more smaller, equally enjoyable experiences, are include.

Where do you get the DMT from?

Since DMT was so difficult to find and the only way I could ensure a consistent and clean supply for my own explorations, I started producing my own. It is taken out of organic materials. I experimented with adding DMT solutions to a vape cartridge in 2016, and it was incredibly effective.

fine-tune the mixture. After that, I had to locate and test a ton of hardware to determine what was most effective. I’ve tested and tried more than 20 different cartridges, with varying degrees of success. I don’t want any flaws, leaks, or other problems.

Do you sell any other drugs?


Why would someone vape DMT?

The powerful substance can be inhaled by users in tiny but potent doses. There is no nicotine in the pen. Previously, it was believed that DMT could only be effective if it was injected, combined with an ayahuasca beverage prepared by an Amazonian shaman, or inhaled through a crack-style pipe or bong. Those who don’t want to use a glass pipe—which some people find to be akin to smoking crack—can easily become familiar with DMT by vaping it.

How many puffs does it take to get the full effects of the drug?

Three to five lungs full usually does the trick.

What does vaping DMT feel like?

Vapes are much more approachable for someone looking to try it for the first time because you can control how fast and how deep you want to go with each puff, unlike pipes where you can only take one hit and be instantly blasted off.

With enough hits, you can still “break through,” which is the term for a full-blown DMT experience involving intense, hallucinogenic states. Or you could just spend about ten minutes on a colorful, light, and eye-opening trip. a small dose that has mild effects. It’s genuinely revolutionary to vape DMT with a pen.

What is the best way to market them?

On the internet. only through personal connections, recommendations, and friends of friends. I’m not going out to find new business or aggressively pitching them, as it’s not.

How have sales gone since you started?

Demand increases the more vapes are in circulation, because people share them. Once tried, they often come back for more. I’d estimate sales have increase tenfold compare to when I started. Most people who were buying single vapes at the start are now taking at least ten. I can’t tell you how many I’m selling a month, but let’s say it’s over 100.

Who are your customers, typically?

People of all ages from all walks of life. But generally those who are going through, or seeking, any kind of awakening or spiritual path.

What are they like to deal with?

I’ve never had any problems. They are all decent individuals. My only problem is that sometimes they get really excited after an amazing experience and they start telling everyone. It may sound strange, but there’s only a limited supply, and I don’t want everyone knowing my business.

Are you some kind of urban DMT shaman?

Indeed, to a certain extent. One could refer to the process of gathering and preparing the ingredients to create the medicine as “urban shamanism”. It’s been called to me multiple times. However, I do not consider myself, or identify as a shaman. I don’t actually perform ceremonies.

What is your profit margin on this?

My motivation is not money. It’s a great way to supplement my legal income. The product isn’t for the mass market, so sales aren’t that high, but the margins are respectable. They also don’t break easily, so this isn’t a quick repeat transaction.

The old ceremonial users may frown on recreational use, but this is a new, modern method that is still helping this drug get to those who want it. The molecule is still doing its work. And DMT is not something you can abuse or can get addicted to, so I have no worries about causing harm – it’s all good.

Could you make a vape that gives an ayahuasca-type experience, that lasts a longer time?

Indeed. Right now, I’m testing this out. I’m adding some extract from the Amazonian jungle vine, Banisteriopsis Caapi, to the mixture. A vape that contains the exact same two plants that are used to make ayahuasca appeals to me. However, those taking specific medications may experience adverse reactions from the drugs involved. I’m being cautious, and the trip would only take an additional five minutes. You can prolong the trip by continuing to take hits from the vape.

Are you worried your product could by used by people with mental health problems?

Indeed. I’ve made a great effort to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands. I never convince anyone to use DMT, and if they have never heard of it, the conversation is over. On the other hand, though, I’ve heard from friends who have had incredible success with PTSD and depression after sharing theirs with other friends. Although this tool is not suitable for everyone, I haven’t heard of any negative reactions in the last four years from anyone using it.

In your life, what positive and negative effects has DMT had on you?

Everything is good. Ayahuasca is where it all began for me in Peru, and I have been studying this substance ever since. I can honestly say that it has improved me. That was in no way the intention.

What has been the best and worst feedback you’ve ever had?

Everyone finds it astounding. I continue to receive sporadic thank-you notes from folks that the vapes have assisted over the years. There has only ever been one person who has claimed they gained nothing from it. He wasn’t too upset because it was a gift; rather, he was disappointed that he couldn’t go where he had intended.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your trade and craft?

I love reconnecting people with the universe and their higher selves, as well as making this medicine more available to those who would like to try it. I made it for myself, but I love showing it off to people and it’s too good to keep to myself. It’s a ten to fifteen minute experience that is amazing and breathtaking. I adore learning about and witnessing the effects of the molecule on individuals.

I don’t tell everyone about it, but the people who are aware of it all support me. The majority of people have never tried DMT, much less heard of it.

How Do I Buy DMT Online Discretely

I believe you will remember it if you think about it a few times on the way back; if not, your mental state will be too altered for you to recall it while sober. It’s similar to…all caps: When sober, you can only recall information in English, but DMT allows you to see it in hexadecimal. If you are preoccupied with viewing other, more recent images immediately following a vision, you will lose that memory as you descend (I believe this is the reason why people who take a lot of acid tend to forget a lot of the trip).

Nevertheless, as you descend, you can use a programming language like C++ to describe the raw hex data, and as you descend even further, you can use English, but it’s more like a game.

Although it doesn’t feel that way most of the time, I believe that this could be the situation. Even though I am certain that I have a visual recollection of the trip in question, I also feel as though I have altered the memory in some way. Well, it’s all kind of weird.

DMT Vape
DMT Vape

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