5 Meo DMT Powder


Is there a safe dose?

Since you may not be aware of a substance’s composition or potency, there is no assurance that a dose is safe when it is illegal or under ban. It’s crucial to have a sober “sitter” around you can trust because everyone responds to DMT differently and because the drug can induce incredibly vivid hallucinations.

The most popular way to consume DMT is to smoke or vaporize it, while it can also be taken as a tea (ayahuasca). The effects are strong and short-lived when smoked or vaporized, with a rapid start.

The following (Erowid, n.d.) is an example of a “standard” vaporized DMT dosage:

Threshold 2 – 5 mg

  • Light 10 – 20 mg

  • Medium 20 – 40 mg

  • High 40 – 60 mg

Typically, the onset is 15 – 60 seconds, the duration of the high is 5 – 20 minutes, and the afterglow lasts 15 – 60 minutes.