Magic Mushrooms,” Psilocybin and Mental Health

Magic Mushrooms,” Psilocybin and Mental Health

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The main psychoactive component of so-called “magic mushrooms,” psilocybin, is primarily known for its recreational use and possibly for its connection to the counterculture of the 1960s. However, over the last 20 years, a growing amount of research has indicated that psilocybin may be a useful treatment for a variety of mental and behavioral health conditions, get the best mushroom therapy here.

According to Ryan Marino, MD, an addiction medicine specialist, medical toxicologist, and emergency physician at University Hospitals, “psilocybin has proven to be extremely safe when administered in controlled settings based on the current body of research.” The federal government currently lists psilocybin as a Schedule I controlled substance.

“There is no scientific evidence to support the notion that psilocybin cannot have therapeutic applications,” claims.

Psilocybin for Mental Health Disorders

Psilocybin therapy has been demonstrated in studies thus far to be helpful in reducing symptoms associated with depression that is resistant to treatment, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mental health conditions. It has also been demonstrated that psilocybin effectively reduces anxiety and fear in terminally ill patients. Many of these studies have been led by Johns Hopkins Medicine because of the restrictions on studying Schedule I substances. In 2019, the university opened The Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, the largest psychedelic research center in the world and the first in the United States, click here for more information.

Psilocybin taken in conjunction with talk therapy significantly reduced symptoms of clinical depression, according to a Johns Hopkins Medicine study. Some research subjects reported benefits lasting up to a year even after taking just two doses.

“In the past, these smaller-scale research examining psilocybin’s effects on depression have examined the effects of one, two, or occasionally three doses of the drug, all with positive outcomes, according to Dr. Marino. The findings imply that psilocybin may have long-lasting benefits and that users may only need to take it occasionally, which may lower the possibility of negative effects..”

Psilocybin for Smoking Cessation and Anorexia Nervosa

Studies on psilocybin’s effects on treating anorexia nervosa and quitting smoking have also yielded positive results. The National Institutes of Health granted Johns Hopkins a grant in October 2021 to investigate the possible benefits of psilocybin as a smoking cessation aid. This is the first federal grant for the investigation of a psychedelic treatment in the United States in fifty years, the best mushroom therapy online.

An exploratory study of psilocybin therapy for anorexic patients was concluded in May 2022 by the UK-based mental health care company COMPASS Pathways. The study’s encouraging preliminary findings call for additional research in larger-scale clinical trials, shop here.

How Does Psilocybin Help People With Mental & Behavioral Health Disorders?

Psilocybin, when used under medical supervision, has been known to elicit “spiritual” experiences, which are usually accompanied by improvements in an individual’s attitude, mood, and behavior. Specifically, it seems that psilocybin enhances the personality trait known as “openness,” which includes empathy, inventiveness, and a respect for the beliefs and values of others.

Psilocybin has been shown to improve openness, which may be related to its capacity to boost neuroplasticity—the brain’s capacity to form new connections. The theory that psilocybin and other psychedelics can cause or enhance neuroplasticity has been validated by a number of studies to date.

Psilocybin appears to increase the brain’s capacity to change and become more adaptive, but more research is necessary to understand what’s happening at the chemical level, according to Dr. Marino, the best mushroom therapy USA.

A Cause for Hope (but Don’t Try This at Home)

Microdosing, or ingesting very tiny amounts of psilocybin, is another topic that warrants further investigation and larger-scale clinical research, according to Dr. Marino. Both general wellness and those with mental health disorders may benefit greatly from the practice, according to a large body of anecdotal evidence, shop here.

Dr. Marino stresses that it’s critical to comprehend the risks associated with using psilocybin outside of a controlled environment, which include the possibility of experiencing a variety of negative and harmful effects.

“The controlled study environment, where participants receive structured support, monitoring, and follow-up care from trained therapists and clinicians, effectively and safely reduces the risks associated with psilocybin,” the author claims. Nevertheless, I would advise against psilocybin use on one’s own.


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