where to buy magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are becoming more and more popular because of all the advantages they provide. It’s surprising that the people raving about the benefits of using magic mushrooms aren’t the new users. Psilocybin mushrooms are attracting an increasing number of individuals, including entrepreneurs and working mothers, who want to take advantage of the psychedelic effects and health benefits of the fungus. These advantages cover everything from improved mental and cognitive health to higher levels of productivity, buy Mushrooms Online here.

However, you must be wondering how psychedelic mushrooms have become more and more popular given their previous reputation as magic mushrooms, a few myths, and a lack of research. Unexpectedly, a growing number of physical stores and internet retailers are providing a range of magic mushroom products, including both fresh and dried, quality Mushrooms Online in USA.

But the larger question is whether psilocybin mushrooms are legal to buy and sell or not.


One of the active ingredients in shrooms, psilocybin, was pushed to be listed as a Schedule 1 substance in the 1971 United Nations convention. This basically indicates that it’s against the law to sell these kinds of drugs.

Nonetheless, different nations have given different interpretations to the provisions of the 1971 convention. Only active ingredients, such as psilocybin, are prohibited and illegal under the convention. However, a nation may interpret those requirements differently when substances are present in natural materials, creating an opening for a loophole. This is especially true in some nations where magic mushrooms are naturally occurring.

However, it’s important to note that a lot of places are starting to view magic mushrooms differently. In part, this is because recent research suggests that psilocybin mushrooms may be useful in treating a number of ailments, such as PTSD, headaches, and depression. However, a growing number of people are pressuring their governments to legalize the possession and distribution of psychedelics like mushrooms, shop here.


Are you trying to purchase magic mushrooms? These are a few locations where you can obtain psilocybin mushrooms without having to worry about breaking any laws..

Different Approaches to magic mushroom legality

Prior to enumerating the various locations where magic mushrooms can be purchased, it is important to discuss how these locations handle the legal status of these fungi in their local communities.

Many locations have modified their policies regarding the use and sale of psilocybin mushrooms in recent years. Mushrooms are still prohibited in certain places.

Many, nevertheless, have embraced the decriminalization approach. Cities in South and Central America as well as the United States are among these locations. Decriminalization implies that the possession of psychedelic substances is no longer considered a crime, even though it does not imply that magic mushrooms have gained legal status.

However, Canada is leaning toward the legal medical model. This implies that with your doctor’s assistance, you can obtain magic mushrooms.

Countries where you can buy shrooms


Under the compassionate access program, Canada changed some of its laws to allow access to MDMA and magic mushrooms. In essence, this means that medical professionals are able to recommend psilocybin mushrooms to their patients.

An approved psychedelic-assisted therapy program has been established in Alberta. Medical directors from the province must obtain a license in accordance with the guidelines for this program in order to perform psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Under this program, patients will receive psilocybin mushroom therapy for a range of conditions under the supervision of a psychiatrist. Furthermore, medical treatment is restricted to inside a facility.

In British Columbia and Ontario, some dispensaries have begun their operations, catering mostly to recreational users.


Many centers offer psychedelic treatment retreats; Jamaican authorities want their nation to lead the world in this area. Apart from that, though, authorities hope to develop a sector centered on the cultivation of magic mushrooms..


Although magic mushrooms are still prohibited in Mexico, Huautla de Jimenez and San Jose del Pacifico are two places where you can find them. But be warned, the people who live there are very aware of the cultural origins of magic mushroom use. In addition to these two towns, the nation is home to psilocybin retreat centers.


Magic mushrooms and the Netherlands have an odd relationship. Smart shops were the place to buy and sell psilocybin mushrooms for a number of years. Authorities did, however, outlaw the selling of dried mushrooms in 2003, even though fresh magic mushrooms were still available for purchase.

However, fresh and dried mushroom sales were outlawed in the nation in 2008. This policy change only permits the sale of truffles, or Philosopher’s Stones, as the lone exception. Technically, though, these are mycelium rather than mushrooms.

The government also allows the sale of magic mushroom spores.


Thailand is renowned for having strict laws regarding substances under control. These regulations haven’t stopped Thais from making and selling psilocybin-infused meals and beverages, though.

In the present day, the nation’s cannabis-use regulations have been loosened. Moreover, the government is considering the possibility of reintroducing comparable laws pertaining to the use of psilocybin.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

In 2020, the government of the island nation legalized the manufacturing and distribution of psychedelics, which included psilocybin mushrooms.

The government initiated the Medicinal Wellness Feasibility Study to support its ambitions to become a hub for psychedelic use. This study is anticipated to form the basis for regulations concerning the use, production, distribution, and research of plant-based drugs.

Places in the United States where you can buy psychedelic mushrooms

Most of the progress made in the movement to make psilocybin use legal has taken place at the local level. Nonetheless, a few states have imitated the programs of certain American cities, shop here.


With its Measure 109, Oregon has taken the lead in promoting the legalization of the use of magic mushrooms. The measure lays out the main guidelines for the state’s use of magic mushrooms.

To start with, using mushrooms legally requires being at least 21 years old. Secondly, the use of psilocybin is restricted to centers with a license and requires supervision by a qualified expert. January 2023 saw the start of these centers’ license issuance.

The people of Oregon voted to pass Measure 110 in addition to Measure 109. In essence, this law decriminalizes the possession of magic mushrooms for those who possess less than 12 grams.


Texas’s state legislature has passed a bill that aims to finance trials for the use of magic mushrooms to treat PTSD in former soldiers, even though the state has not yet decriminalized the drug.


Voters in Colorado are split on whether or not to approve legislation that would allow the use and sale of psychedelics like magic mushrooms. Proponents of psychedelic use contend that the Natural Medicine Health Act, which includes provisions for decriminalization and licensed therapy, provides the best legal framework.


After Initiated Ordinance 301 was passed, Denver solidified its reputation for allowing the use of magic mushrooms. The 2019 ordinance decriminalized the use of mushrooms.

More significantly, though, the ordinance has given advocates of changing the laws pertaining to psychedelics—including mushrooms—hope.


Voters in Detroit approved Proposal E in 2021, decriminalizing substances like magic mushrooms.

Psilocybin mushrooms remain Schedule 1 substances, but this action lowers the priority of possession for law enforcement agencies.


Somerville, Cambridge, Northampton, and Easthampton have all approved legislation decriminalizing psychedelics like magic mushrooms. The trend was initiated by Somerville in 2021, and a month later, Cambridge passed a similar measure. April 2021 saw Northampton follow suit, and October 2021 saw Easthampton do the same.


Oakland is one of the first cities to follow Denver’s initiative to decriminalize magic mushrooms. In 2019, the city passed the Decriminalize Nature Oakland.

Port Townsend

Port Townsend’s Resolution 21-008, which decriminalizes magic mushrooms is patterned after Seattle’s decriminalization initiatives. The Port Townsend Psychedelic Society takes major credit for this resolution because of its active push for the passage of such a resolution.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz took its cue from Oakland, passing a measure decriminalizing entheogenic plants and fungi like shrooms in January 2020.

The measure has made magic procession a low priority for law enforcement units. At the same time, local councilors have made it clear that they will not fund initiatives that pursue people who possess shrooms and other entheogens.


Seattle threw its hat in the inititative to decriminalize mushrooms in 2021. The city’s councilors voted unanimously to make shrooms the lowest priority for police officers.

Washington DC

With the DC Initiative 81, passed in 2020, Washington DC decriminalized psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms. Like in other cities, the passage of the bill meant that law enforcement units in the city put magic mushrooms at the bottom of their list of priorities.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor became the third city to decriminalize entheogens, including psychedelics like shrooms, with the passage of a resolution in September 2020. The passage of that resolution means that law enforcement units won’t arrest and investigate those found in possession, buying, or selling magic mushrooms.


The Global Drug Survey concluded in 2017 that magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drugs. Just 0.2% of the 10,000 individuals who reported having used psilocybin mushrooms said they required immediate medical attention.

While using magic mushrooms carries some risks—particularly when mixed with other substances like alcohol—in general, accidents or even fatalities are rare outcomes of using shrooms. In contrast, LSD, another psychedelic drug, can result in five times as many emergency treatments.

More significantly, though, is that the ability of magic mushrooms to cure a variety of illnesses is one of the factors contributing to their recent surge in popularity. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has actually awarded psilocybin.

This FDA status means that research on shrooms can be expedited. Reputable institutions like the Imperial College London Centre for Psychedelic Research have laid down the foundation for psilocybin research in this area.


Now that you know where to buy shrooms, the next order of business is choosing between fresh and dried mushrooms. Which is better between the two? Here are a few things to consider.


Most experienced users concur that fresh mushrooms have more potency than dried mushrooms, though some people continue to disagree.

Most of the time, taking fresh mushrooms produces a more potent psychedelic experience. The moisture and psilocybin concentration of fresh mushrooms are major factors in that.

There is more water in fresh or moist mushrooms. Apart from that, wet mushrooms have more stable psilocybin. Fungi lose some of their psilocybin content when they dry out.


When you dry and cure your them, whole mushrooms they lose moisture by as much as 90%. When that happens, all of their psilocybin content becomes more concentrated. That means that you will need fewer dried shrooms compared to raw mushrooms.


Magic mushrooms taste and smell more earthy than edible mushrooms. They may even be considered to have a taste that is acquired.

But many people like the taste of raw mushrooms over dried ones. Dried mushrooms also have a texture that not everyone finds appealing.

However, you can try lemon tekking or use them in your food if you want to avoid the bitter taste of mushrooms.


When deciding between fresh and dried mushrooms, one aspect that novice users occasionally forget to consider is storage.

Fresh mushrooms kept in the refrigerator will go bad after a few days. This implies that you must eat them as quickly as possible. If not, when they spoil, you might wind up wasting money.

On the other hand, dried mushrooms keep well in an airtight container for months or even a year..


Out of over 10,000 species of mushrooms, about 200 of these are classified as psilocybin mushrooms.

And if you want to try shrooms, it is a good idea to know which magic mushroom species is right for you. Seasoned shroom users say that you should start with a specific goal for your mushroom trip. This will make the process easier for you, shop here.

Penis Envy

One of the more well-liked, if not the most discussed, magic mushroom strains is penis envy. With this particular mushroom strain, synesthesia can be experienced during an altered state if you take the appropriate dosage. Because of this, it is rather well-liked by the artistic community, particularly musicians.

Golden Teachers

Another well-liked species of magic mushrooms with somewhat milder effects are Golden Teachers. Because of this, this strain of mushrooms is perfect for those who are just starting out with psychedelics, buy Mushrooms Online here.


This mushroom strain derives its name from Mexico’s Mazatec tribe who followed a holistic approach to life and health. The tribe is also known for its athleticism. If you are an athlete, Mazatec is one of the strains that you might want to try, buy Mushrooms Online here.

African Transkei

Want to try something a little more potent? Then the African Transkei might be the right shroom strain for you. This magic Mushrooms Online strain is known to provide intense sensory experiences.


Can athletes use magic mushrooms?

The national anti-doping agency of the United States, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, or USADA, states that psilocybin is not on their list of banned performance-enhancing substances.

The organization does point out that some sports may forbid their athletes from using psilocybin and other controlled substances because of safety and health issues.

Furthermore, since the agency does not forbid the use of magic Mushrooms Online, athletes do not need to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption, buy Mushrooms Online colorado.

Is it legal to grow shrooms at home?

While shrooms are among the safest recreational drugs, there are some risks associated with using them. Inadvertently consuming toxic mushrooms that are mistaken for shrooms is one of these risks.

Growing your own mushrooms is an option to think about in addition to purchasing from reliable sources. To be sure it’s legal to grow mushrooms at home, check before purchasing supplies like spore syringes and magic mushroom spores.

Even though some US states, like California and Oregon, have decriminalized the use of mushrooms, growing magic mushrooms is still considered to be in a gray legal area.

Essentially, that means possessing shrooms is still illegal although you won’t be criminally charged. You may, however, face civil charges and get fined. Growing shrooms, on the other hand, fall in a legal gray area because these fungi grow naturally in the wild. So bear that in mind before you buy spore syringes and a spore solution.

Can you overdose on mushrooms?

When deciding between fresh and dried mushrooms, one aspect that novice users occasionally forget to consider is storage.

Fresh mushrooms kept in the refrigerator will go bad after a few days. This implies that you must eat them as quickly as possible. If not, when they spoil, you might wind up wasting money, buy Mushrooms Online.

On the other hand, dried mushrooms keep well in an airtight container for months or even a year.